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How do startups receive funding?

The start-up will receive funding if it is selected after the Business Acceleration phase.
The instrument we use is called FAFCI (Financial Agreement for Future Capital Increase) which is the Italian version of the well-known YC SAFE (you can find a template of the FAFCI by clicking on the link on this page).
It is mandatory for the startup to sign the FAFCI and the Acceleration Agreement (also available at the link on this page) before entering the programme. At the end of the Business Acceleration phase, if the startup does not qualify for the investment, the FAFCI will no longer be effective.

How much does AG4FF Accelerator invest in a startup?

AG4FF will invest 100k€ in each of the 5 selected startups.

Does AG4FF Accelerator take equity in startups?

AG4FF Accelerator takes an option on the start-up’s equity, ranging between 8 and 12 per cent. The percentage will be defined at the signing of the FAFCI on the basis of a) objective parameters (e.g. previous valuations, traction, startup assets, etc.) and b) evaluation by the investment team.

When will AG4FF Accelerator convert its option?

The conversion can take place either at the discretion of the investment team or at the first priced round by a third-party investor.

If my start-up is not yet registered, can I participate in the programme?

Yes, it is possible to participate in the programme at team level even if the start-up is not yet established, with the commitment to register the company within 20 days of signing the FAFCI.

Is there any cost to participate in the programme?

The AG4FF will charge each startup selected for the investment a 20k€ fee intented to cover operating costs. The fee is paid out of the investment. Nothing is due from startups that are not selected for investment at the end of the Business Acceleration phase.

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