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dpixel for Startup Europe: the adventure starts now!

Ten startups from Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca will visit Milan for an international roadshow.

This startups had been selected among more that 200 applicants through the WELCOME initiative. WELCOME, developed under the Startup Europe Initiative and funded by the European Commission, enables tech entrepreneurs to grow their business across borders and to get access to the right combination of funding.

The first event of 2016 will engage the 10 startups on a three day visit to Milan where they will get in touch with the Italian startup ecosystem, meet investors and visit major accelerators. For their first Italian public appearance dpixel had organized an ad hoc event that will allow them to pitch in front of most of the main italian VC fund and angel investors, corporates and media.

This event will be moderated by Gianluca Dettori and will take place at Seeds&Chips Milan on May 12thThe first part of the event will kick off with a pitching session of the 10 founding teams coming from Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca.  After the pitching session there will be a Matchmaking session with investors and corporates, a series of 1:1 meetings structured as “speed dating” sessions between startups and investors. Local and international startups participating to the Matchmaking sessions will be selected by Welcome with Mind the Bridge support in collaboration with the top Italian startup iiMerge. Startups interested to join the Matchmaking session can apply here to be selected.

The last part of the event will be dedicated to the Accelerator Assembly meeting where the accelerators and investors will debate the Southern European accelerator ecosystems. They will discuss the latest developments in the region, what accelerators are thriving as well as present some first-hand experience. In addition to this, the accelerators will also discuss the latest trends that are happening in the industry, see what is working and offer us a glimpse of what the future might bring.

Furthermore panels’ speakers will present the well-established accelerator financing models as well as explore the alternative models of financing accelerators and startups, including the private and public funding sources that are available.

Detailed agenda of the event can be found here:

The international adventure WELCOME SV Startup School and EU Roadshow” will continue with a trip to Berlin on June 9th-10th where they will attend the Startup Europe Summit 2016, Madrid&Salamanca on October 5th-7th to South Summit,  San Francisco for a three-week immersion program (August 29th – September 16th) at the Mind The Bridge Startup School and then fly to Dublin for the final stop.p

The adventure for these startups has just begun, let’s whish them good luck!