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dpixel was founded in 2009 by Gianluca Dettori who, after listing his startup Vitaminic on the stock exchange at the dawn of the internet, dedicated himself to supporting innovative entrepreneurs and preparing them to meet investors, at a time when that kind of structured ecosystem and culture of startups did not yet exist in Italy.

At that time, in order to support this vision, we opened the first Seed Capital fund in Italy: Digital Investments SCA Sicar.

Convinced of the presence of talent even in Italy, thousands of kilometers from Silicon Valley, the Barcamper project came to life in 2012. Barcamped is a traveling scouting and acceleration platform that, searching the country over years, allowed us to come into contact with thousands of brilliant entrepreneurial projects and incentivize, through initial capital, the birth of new high-potential startups.

Thanks to contact with the Sella family, a dynasty which has believed in Italian innovation for over 400 years and today is leading a financial ecosystem at the forefront of the fintech sector, Primomiglio SGR was born. It then launched the venture capital fund Barcamper Ventures, for which dpixel has been the exclusive advisor since 2016.

Over the years we have strengthened our collaboration with Gruppo Sella and, driven by shared values, we have become active partners in change, supporting new entrepreneurs every day, stimulating innovation, and generating employment.

We have been working for over a decade in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, launching important initiatives to support matching and growth among startups, companies, and institutions.


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Innovation Consultant

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Specialist Innovation Financing

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Corporate Innovation Manager

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Business Strategy Designer

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Marketing & Partnership Manager

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Office Manager


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