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AfriConEU Brokerage Event is coming, book your seat!

Mark the date: on 2 and 3 November 2022 the AfriConEU Brokerage Event will be held at BIGBO Bologna, an event of intermediation, networking, and relationship that connects African and European innovation hubs bringing together innovators from AfricaEurope and the African diaspora.

Europe’s and Africa’s digital ecosystems are changing rapidly, and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are leading the way. There are more than 600 DIHs across Europe exploring a wide range of areas with a similar number of estimated African hubs.

Digital transformation, however, to bring companies to success, must offer services and solutions to important challenges related to the sustainability of companies, skills, specialization, access to competitive talents and ideas!

To support DIHs and the ecosystems they work with in facing these challenges, the two-day event will focus on three main activities:

  • Presenting good practices in the African and European innovation ecosystems
  • Networking and developing strategic partnerships among the participants
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities connected to the work of AfriConEU

As a participant, you’ll get to hear from experts from all around Africa, Europe, and the African Diaspora about their work to support African innovation and entrepreneurship. You’ll take part in conversations about the future of collaborations between Africa and Europe. And you’ll connect with a community of colleagues from across various backgrounds, with a focus on building partnerships leading to new projects and opportunities.

Book your seat now!