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Dpixel and Sella Group aim to support the growth of startups operating in Agritech and Future Food and bring disruptive innovations to the market through innovative technologies, in order to reduce cost, reduce complexity and increase capabilities, designing the entire food chain of the future: sustainable, accessible, efficient, climate-proof and adaptable to change.

Agriculture is the fundamental platform for enabling the use of the planet’s resources for the sustenance of the human species and the species concerned through its final product, food. The value of innovation applied to agriculture and food invests numerous areas ranging from the design of new flavors to the use of water, from robots in agricultural fields to the life cycle of packaged foods, from the optimization of logistics to that of beverages.

Disruptive innovations will provide the most appropriate tools to face the challenges that await us in the coming decades: population growth +10 billion in 2050, higher & different food consumption per capita, climate change, food waste strategies, ecological efficiency, undernutrition, food losses and scarce natural resources.

For this reason, the AG 4 Future Food accelerator aims to intervene in a horizontal – architectural and frugal way – on different value chains: from agritech to foodtech, from nanotechnologies to cloud kitchens.

11 out of 17 United Nations’ SDGs covered by the initiative AG 4 Future Food


Agtech Has an Adoption Challenge

European and North American farmers lead global agtech adoption, with about 61 percent currently using or planning to adopt one agtech product in the next two years.

How bio-science is revolutionizing food systems

Global food prices hit a record high this year, and the number of people facing acute food insecurity has more than doubled since 2019 to reach 345 million worldwide.

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2022-2031

Global food consumption, which is the main use of agricultural commodities, is projected to increase by 1.4% p.a. over the next decade, and to be mainly driven by population growth.

Key Figures on the European Food Chain

An overview of the wealth of information that is available on Eurostat’s website and within its databases concerning the food chain.

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