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Artificial Intelligence Business Incubator is NOW LIVE!

Artificial Intelligence Business Incubator, the international incubation program promoted by Sella and implemented by dpixel, the Group’s Venture Incubator, with the support of the Fintech District, has been launched. The incubation program aims to support the initial phase (pre-seed) of startups, entrepreneurial teams, university spin-offs, companies and innovative projects in the field of artificial intelligence applied to finance.

What does the program consist of?
Artificial Intelligence Business Incubator is a one-of-a-kind program. In addition to the incubation process – with its one-to-one mentoring cycle and masterclasses for business consolidation – it will offer the opportunity to develop the selected projects within Banca Sella and together with the Group companies most in line with the solutions identified, providing innovative tools and networking in order to increase market opportunities. The program will also allow access to the skills and support of professionals, entrepreneurs and founders belonging to the Fintech District, the open ecosystem that promotes and guides innovation within the Italian fintech community.

What are the areas of application
The aim of the program is to research Italian and international projects that develop solutions applicable to banking and financial processes and products, based on technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, generative models and synthetic data. These include financial prediction, automated coding, predictive analytics, document processing, custom finance, direct lending, market research, compliance and fraud detection, and credit scoring, among others.

The phases of the program
The initiative is divided into 4 phases and will be divided into a period of 7 months. The first involves the collection of applications followed by the scouting & selection phase during which a committee composed of experts from dpixel, Banca Sella and the Fintech District, will select the 10 projects that will access the incubation program. The third phase is the sprint period which consists of participation in masterclasses, individual mentorship sessions and technical advice. During a demo day, up to 10 projects will be presented and entered into the Sella Group’s innovation ecosystem in November, with the possibility of accessing vertical communities, investments, acceleration programs, investor days and matchmaking with companies.