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Open innovation
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We are at your side to build the future of your company and make it even more competitive through digital transformation and open innovation processes


We believe that the companies that make the difference are those that anticipate the needs of the market, thus taking advantage of the evolution of customer expectations. Companies that reinvent themselves continuously, ready to seize strategic transformation opportunities first of all.

Startup scouting and matching

We work with SMEs and large companies to carry out projects that bring concrete results in terms of useful innovation, new business and social and territorial impact.

Research of new market opportunities

Our paths are structured to perfectly conform to the objectives and degree of innovation of each company: from the one that faces open innovation for the first time to the one that already allocates personnel and structures to change.

Open Innovation: how to open the company to innovation

We have been working for over 10 years with business leaders in creating dynamics and processes for the constant orientation to improvement through innovation

Business Strategy & Innovation Design

We help companies identify unserved or underserved market segments and enter them with a distinctive positioning, often developing products and services that best meet the needs of their customers

we have brought together talents and businesses to create something extraordinary

We have created the first innovation program built specifically to meet the needs of Italian SMEs: OpenPMI.

A 4-month journey, carried out with dozens of talented recent graduates, to address and solve the problems of businesses with fresh eyes.

The result is a completed project, ready for the market and immediately fundable with subsidized finance.

If you are a company that wants to innovate, now is the time to do it. Apply to the next edition of OpenPMI.


We work with a variety of companies every day, but we could not help any of them to achieve lasting results if there were not a widespread and consolidated culture of innovation at the base of the company, capable of questioning the mindset of “it’s always been done this way” and guiding them toward openness and continuous improvement.

Each strategy would be in vain and ineffective if not applied and carried out with equal tenacity at all levels of the organization.

For this reason, we start each of our corporate projects by making sure that the ground is ready and, where more needs to be done, we initiate processes to help people to understand change and make the guiding values of innovation their own.

Behavioural Transformation

We facilitate the adoption of powerful and effective new behaviors that are consistent with the company’s vision and strategies.

Personal Develpment

Personal development programs aim at fostering the growth of individuals or the team, the expression of individual talent, self-awareness and the generation of shared benefit.

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At dpixel we apply a method inspired by the collision theory proposed by Max Trautz and William Lewis in 1916. This theory states that for a chemical reaction to be successful, molecules must collide according to an exact pattern under certain conditions.

In the same way, at dpixel, we create collisions through projects, methods and initiatives that bring together ecosystem players and causing companies and startups to collide, effectively generating value, innovation and opportunities for both.

More and more companies are looking to foster and take advantage of the opportunities offered by their innovation ecosystems. This is why we have created corporate memberships: specific support programs that allow companies to have both a privileged observatory on their innovation ecosystem and support for experimentation and collaboration.

LeaRn & Explore

The first steps are to understand the ecosystem, get to know the players and lay the foundations for a new approach.



Ready to experiment with the ecosystem and work within an open innovation logic both with internal teams and external startups.


Ready to collaborate in an active and ongoing way and with the ability to quickly seize opportunities.

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