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We know how complicated but crucial it is for a startup to secure a stable financial foundation to support scaling, especially for the challenging goal of reaching the break-even point before 3 years.

Our Innovation Financing service aims to expand the possibilities of fundraising for startups, benefiting from alternative models such as, among others, crowdfunding.

How does that work

Through a consultancy and training course, we accompany startups in the launch of fundraising initiatives that meet one of the following objectives:

Increased turnover

Searching for capital

Definition of bridge debt transactions

Remember that in some cases, alternative and complementary methods of fundraising also represent an additional commercial and marketing lever to increase the notoriety of the business project and to encourage the formation of a community, even before the product has gone into production!

Do you want to experiment with new fundraising possibilities for your startup or for your innovative project?


It is one of the forms of fundraising, it allows you to raise significant sums of money to finance your venture or project. It creates engagement and support from a large number of people, typically through online platforms. The main forms of crowdfunding are:

  • Equilty Crowdfunding, in which financial resources are raised against the release of shares
  • Reward Crowdfunding, which does not recognize shares or securities of the company but a reward proportionate to the amount invested. The reward can be material (the product or service offered by the company) or intangible, expressed through gratitude, acknowledgments, and public thanks.
  • Lending Crowdfunding, in which the creator finances himself by asking for a loan from the public. The loan amount is divided among several lenders, thus reducing the minimum subscription amount. The creator will return the principal plus a share of interest to the investor.

Depending on the platform you choose, the reward mechanism can follow two patterns:

  • All or nothing: the creator receives the funds raised only and exclusively if he has achieved the set goal;
  • Keep it all: the creator receives the funds even if the funding campaign has not reached the goal.

Success Stories

CityAround è un’app gratuita per smartphone, patrocinata dal Comune di Torino,
pensata per visitare Torino in modo ecosostenibile e senza incappare in assembramenti.

Il progetto è stato sviluppato dalla startup innovativa Panorami Elettronici, incubata in dPixel, e si basa sulla collaborazione con le realtà del territorio per offrire agli utenti tutto ciò di cui hanno bisogno per immergersi in totale autonomia nel patrimonio culturale e paesaggistico locale.

Grazie al nostro supporto, il Comune di Asti è riuscito a concludere con successo la campagna di crowdfunding lanciata sulla piattaforma Eppela, raccogliendo i 5000 euro di fondi necessari per essere inserito all’interno del circuito CityAround.

Scopri di più sulla campagna!

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