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We work with institutions to help them innovate and build initiatives for social impact and economic development.


We typically work with institutions on two fronts: internal innovation, i.e. the institution as an end user of the innovation outcomes, or initiatives with social and territorial impact, where the institution works to support a region or community.

In either mode, we always build the project with an eye toward enhancing the assets of entrepreneurship, talent, economic growth and sustainability.

Although the projects we develop inevitably have an informational element, they have a more central cultural component. As we often reiterate, there can be no strategy and innovation in the absence of shared mindsets and core values. For this reason, we often find ourselves engaging the employees and collaborators of institutions alongside community members in our initiatives in order to generate a concrete impact.

Entrepreneurial training programs

We develop our training programs to support the birth of new businesses and startups in the region. We apply integrative methodologies to validate ideas and finish the program with a feasible, concrete, sustainable project.

Creation of vertical ecosystems

We bring together startups, companies and territorial stakeholders with common values and objectives. We encourage dialogue and foster ecosystems that create value.

Scouting and investment programs

We research, select and support high-potential startups to encourage entrepreneurial development in the regions where we work and, with the support of the Barcamper Ventures fund, of which we are exclusive advisor, we help foster their growth.

Innovation of institutions and public administration

We develop open innovation initiatives (e.g. startup scouting, hackathons, competitions, calls for talent…) to help civil society groups and the public sector to innovate. These are always “open” projects that can impact both the innovation of the institution and create opportunities for third parties (startups, companies, young people…).


We are living through an unparalleled period in history that has forced us all to rethink existing patterns in work, social interaction, travel… in short: everything.

They call it the “new normal“, meaning that we have to get used to it as a new reality. In this context, institutions, companies and organizations in general the issue of human resources is a critical aspect to be considered.

More and more people ask us how technology and startups can foster innovation to benefit both the people who work in organizations alongside their users and communities.

Our answer is not through market research, but by seeking solutions both inside the company (e.g. internal bootcamps, workshops…) and outside (startup competition, talent hackathons, …) in order to obtain concrete and immediately applicable results.


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projects analyzed every year

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At dpixel we apply a method inspired by the collision theory proposed by Max Trautz and William Lewis in 1916. This theory states that for a chemical reaction to be successful, molecules must collide according to an exact pattern under certain conditions.
In the same way, at dpixel, we create collisions through projects, methods and initiatives that bring together ecosystem players and causing companies and startups to collide, effectively generating value, innovation and opportunities for both.


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