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Building the future of human-centered metaverse finance for all

Sella Group supports the growth of startups operating in metaverse finance and bringing disruptive innovations to the market through innovative technologies, in order to build an economically viable, inclusive and safe metaverse

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The metaverse is a multifaceted human-centered environment based on a combination of factors such as infrastructure, interfaces, financial decentralization, computing, creator economy and hybrid/virtual experiences.
All these factors contribute to a set of new market opportunities for businesses and finance.

The global metaverse market size is predicted to attain USD 678.8 billion by 2030 (CAGR 39.4%)*

*Grand View Research, Inc.

Metaverse for Finance Accelerator

Sella Group, through the accelerator partner dpixel, aims to enable finance in the metaverse domain, engaging with high potential startups able to design new financial services and products that increasingly respond to the needs of customers and society

Our Offer

500K funds, investment ticket up to 100K € for each of the 5 selected startups

Hey Startup, We’re Looking for You!

We invest and support highly motivated teams and international startups in the pre-seed phase operating on cutting-edge technologies

How It Works

The program is spread over a total duration of 16 weeks (in addition to the scouting phase) and is divided into 4 phases with intermediate selections, to identify only the best startups.
Throughout the program, corporate partners are involved to get to know, according to their interest and availability, the participating startups

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1° step. 4 Weeks

Scouting & selection

2° step. 8 Weeks

Business Acceleration

3° step. 4 Weeks

Technical Validation

4° step. 4 Weeks


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