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Innovation is synonymous with speed, and today companies can leverage the technological expertise and agility of specialized startups with ready-made use cases and solutions to accelerate their transformation.
Startup ecosystems can accelerate established business processes even in services such as: digital banking and the management of corporate accounts at different banks, verified financial management, administrative processes, online and offline payments, artificial intelligence applied to corporate data, fundraising solutions, the world of financial loans and cybersecurity.

Knowing how to quickly seize these new opportunities can make the difference between leader and follower.

For this reason, we have developed, together with the Fintech District, the leading Italian fintech ecosystem, a support program for SMEs that answers these 3 questions:

1. What opportunities exist to improve my supply chain and the customer journey of my product/service?
2. What new Fintech solutions/technologies could I integrate in a %22seamless%22 way into my business model, to seize the opportunities identified?
3. Which existing startup(s) in the market could I collaborate with to reduce the time to market?

From opportunity to collaborative solution in <6 months


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