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Viceversa, dpixel’s partner platform to support the growth of your digital business.

Does your enterprise have a stable financial base? Will you be able to support scaling? Will you be able to reach the break even point before the age of 3? To answer “Yes, of course” to these questions dpixel offers you the Innovation Financing service, the tool that gives you access to fundraising operations fundamental for the success of your business!
Not just crowdfunding! Thanks to our network of partner companies you will find the perfect solution for you.
Our consulting and training path is now enriched by a fundamental partner! Welcome to Viceversa, a fintech with a Revenue Based Financing model, the tool that gives you access to fast and flexible capital for digital advertising. E-commerce get between 10K€ and 1M€ in 3 days without sending any documents, but only by connecting to the platform.

How does Viceversa work?
The suggested amount to invest in digital advertising is evaluated on the basis of the performance of your company and is disbursed biweekly by Viceversa. Payment for the consulting and marketing service is made periodically as a fixed percentage of revenues. This means that Viceversa responds to the performance of your business, and you will pay Viceversa for the services offered at the pace of your growth!

Ok, now request now from € 10k to € 1 million for your digital marketing activities, in 3 days!