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How to pitch on the Barcamper

[Note: this is the English translation of this post]

As we said previously, e.g. here and here (in Italian), the Barcamper is a new way to pitch an idea to investors. Unlike your average investor, Barcamper offers the non-trivial perk to come to you, without requiring you to travel long distances and suit up (and don’t even get me started about the mini-bar). Nonetheless, I highly recommend you to prepare well before coming on board!

First of all, you should expect this:

  1. A table, a sofa, internet access and (sometimes) electricity.
  2. A scouting team, made up of scouts from dpixel and our partners, ready to listen to your idea and to challenge it.

Each Barcamper stop is organized around meeting slots, no more than 30′ long, that you can book (yes, you book them). Time is short, there are lots of topics you probably want to cover, and sometimes your nerves may trick you. This is why I’d like to share 3 considerations (and provide 3 hints) that I’ve come up with, after the initial tours of the Barcamper.

  1. The Barcamper environment is very informal: there is no need to bring formality onboard. So, talk, listen and enjoy your experience. Be open, collect as many feedbacks as possible, and think about them afterwards! We will do the same.
  2. The path to creating a new enterprise takes many turns and crosses unexplored lands. Someone will made it, someone will not. But when there is passion, we have the feeling that everything can be done and we would like to talk to you much longer than the time limits we have. So, show how passionate you are about your business: this is the best business card you can take with you.
  3. During one of my meetings on the Barcamper, someone pointed out how it is much easier to show the idea than to talk about it. I totally agree. Once you are onboard, take with you a beta, a prototype or a mock-up of your product. They can greatly help your presentation. And whether you have a prototype or you just have an idea, prepare a brief pitch, it will help you in telling your story. The web is full of templates, e.g. here, here and here. Pick your favorite and work on it. Time is short, use it well and be ready!

Looking forward to meeting you during our next stop!