Sella Group aims to
of startups operating in the metaverse finance and bringing disruptive innovations to the market through innovative technologies, in order to build an economically viable, inclusive and safe metaverse.

As the metaverse develops, a variety of financial services will be required. Metaverse finance will most likely be a hybrid of finance,
with new products tailored to the ecosystem’s special demands. Financial services will play a key part in the creation of the metaverse, from initial capital formation to sustaining commerce.

as bearers of innovation, is a pillar in the construction of the metaverse and its financial service.

Pietro Sella, CEO Sella Group

The only way not to be disrupted from all these incredible things is to explore, try, find ideas, make mistakes, find learnings that make all of us understanding what positive is behind.
We have to know, understand and grow, and I hope that Metaverse 4 Finance acceleration program will allow of us to stay competitive, one step ahead!


Global Issue, the Metaverse

The next version of the internet may be a far more immersive virtual experience. No single company will own or dominate the metaverse, and the race is on to stake out territory within it.

Opportunity in the Metaverse

The elements of a new digital age are converging at scale. The metaverse is the driving force bringing these elements together in a unified, immersive experience.

Banking on the Metaverse

Metaverse is a new economy, an entirely new business paradigm fueled by the combinatorial effect of the evolution of different technologies.

Metaverse and Money

A device-agnostic Metaverse would be accessible via personal computers, game consoles, and smartphones, resulting in a large ecosystem.

Demistifying the Metaverse

When it comes to “the metaverse,” few business leaders would consider themselves experts. Some may wonder if it even matters to their companies. The short answer: yes, it does.

100K€ investment for your startup!

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