100K€ investment for your startup!

100K €

for each


We Are Looking for…

International teams and startups carrying innovative technologies applied to web3 and finance

Frontier technologies…

Web3 Blockchain Web3 Blockchain Web3 Blockchain


VR & AR NFTs & Crypto VR & AR NFTs & Crypto VR & AR NFTs & Crypto

…for revolutionary solutions

Web3 Property Rights

Financing in the Metaverse
Interoperability of NFTs and DeFi
Liquidity Providers and Automated Market Making
Real World Asset Market


Decentralized Services
NFTs and Digital-Native Assets as Collateral
Providing Common, Consistent, and Resilient Wallet Infrastructure

Rules of Engagement

Selection criteria

Admission to the program is reserved for 10 highly motivated Startups, in the pre-seed phase, with the following requirements:

• Core team of at least 2 co-founders with relevant industry experience, a clear roadmap and brilliant execution skills

• Validated MVP (Minimum Viable Product), ready for soft launch (ideally 6-10 months)

• TRL (Technology Readiness Level) > = 6

• Proof of sustainability, feasibility and high commercial potential


Selected teams will participate in the business acceleration phase for free and without transfer of equity.

The Champions selected at the end of the acceleration program will receive an investment of 100k€ in cash with no obligation to return, in exchange for a tradable equity share.

They will pay a participation fee of 20k€ used to cover operating expenses (charged and paid after the investment has been distributed).