100K€ investment for your startup!

100K €

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WEB3 & Finance

Sella aims to support the growth of startups operating in the web3 finance.

The evolution of web3 is leading to the need for unprecedented financial services: web3 finance will most likely be a hybrid of decentralized, centralized and traditional finance, with new products tailored to meet unique needs. Financial services will play a key role in the development of web3, from the initial formation of capital to supporting trade.

The role of startups, as bearers of innovation, is a pillar in the construction of the web3 and its financial service.

Pietro Sella, CEO Sella

The only way not to be disrupted from all these incredible things is to explore, try, find ideas, make mistakes, find learnings that make all of us understanding what positive is behind.
We have to know, understand and grow, and I hope that this acceleration program will allow of us to stay competitive, one step ahead!


Unlocking Commerce in the Metaverse

Consumers already know what they want at the intersection of virtual and physical retail. It’s up to companies to evolve their strategies to capture growth and long-term value.

Beyond the hype: what businesses can really expect from the metaverse in 2023

The metaverse isn’t fully ready for prime time, not yet. But it can already start to create real business value today and set you up for reinvention tomorrow.

Market is Expected to Grow by 44.1% to Reach $51,435 Million in 2023 – Forecasts to 2030

A lot of innovation is taking place in the United States metaverse industry. Ahead of the 2022 holiday and FIFA World Cup season, an increasing number of brands revamped activities in the metaverse to better engage with their customers.

Understanding the Economic Potential of the Metaverse

While the metaverse is still in the early stages of development, it’s already possible to see its potential in areas like education, gaming, wellness and commerce

Demistifying the Metaverse

When it comes to “the metaverse,” few business leaders would consider themselves experts. Some may wonder if it even matters to their companies. The short answer: yes, it does.