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WELCOME Startups 2016

Let us introduce you the 10 international startups that have been selected among more that 200 applicants through the WELCOME initiative!


Rlogo-mail (1)eplit change the online text interaction to a video interaction, giving value to the message and permiting people express better in a simple message. Replit is a social discussion platform with short videos, in which people discuss in public and, private groups using video to talk about it. Replit is like a Quora with videos, the evolution of the forum. It offers an archive of video interactions about certain topics, structured by information, where the answer takes value, not just the initial video. Replit is video focused on one to one messages, and extrapolated to group structured and indexed. You can create private video conversations in which you and people who you have invited can talk about something. It is the evolution of a forum, the evolution of mail. Just video communication, from anything which has a camera.

soloSOLO is the easiest solution for a business to accept credit and debit card payments. SOLO is a B2B service that provides merchants, professionals and NGOs, with a personal payment page – hosted on – that is easily shareable with any customer who receives the link to the merchant’s payment page and fills with his credit/debit card information and pays in few seconds. SOLO requires no hardware, no app to download and no payer’s registration to pay a merchant. The whole sign up process for merchant takes just a couple of clicks and few documents to upload. SOLO is also a way for merchants to start selling online without investing in any e-commerce platform. Basically, SOLO is a bridge that takes care of merchants with little needs and supports them in growing their business.

logo-01SwiftComply connects cities, food businesses and service providers through an online platform that enables the effective recovery and reuse of fat, oil & grease waste. By introducing technology into a largely manual process we have developed a business-friendly solution that not only improves compliance, but also reduces the financial and administrative burdens on these businesses.

TourSnapp-Logo_RGB_2137x560_whitebkgndTourSnapp brings the concept of Smart-City to Cultural Tourism. We develop a Smartphone App which helps the Cultural Tourist not to miss anything and provides Tourism Institutions with a new source of income. The app consists of two features: 1) service which working in the background warns the user (vibration and sound) when a relevant spot is nearby and 2) identification of a relevant spot. Revenue model: payment by the tourist per visit. Unlike other generic Apps which just use costly App-Store distribution channels competing with millions of other free Apps, TourSnapp is focused on culture and spontaneity and is distributed through Tourism Institutions exclusively.

aria wearables-01Aria Wearables, the active thermal footbed. In the world there are 14 billion feet and all have at least once suffered from cold or hot. Aria is the solution. Is the first smart insole that, using a patent pending technology, heats and cools down your feet, ensuring a constant thermal comfort in every situation. Is also an activity tracker. And through a wireless connection with your phone allows you to share the data with your doctor or personal trainer.
Is a new point of view on fitness and health that ensures a constant thermal comfort, gives relief to those suffering from the weather changes and provides intelligent support for the individual’s physical well-being.

CloudRoomLogoHDCloudRoom is a Cloud-Based Learning Platform that enable the integration of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) into the corporate world thanks to its state-of-the-art propietary technology. Allowing companies to provide cross-training for hundreds of thousands of users, in multiple countries simultaneously by creating their own University on the Cloud.

GirlCrew-Logo-Purple (1)GirlCrew is a global community for women to
make new friends, share advice and network in a social and professional capacity. Founded by Elva Carri, Aine Mulloy and Pamela Newenham, GirlCrew has more than 35,000 members across 46 cities worldwide. These cities include Dublin, London, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Brussels, Liverpool and Melbourne. GirlCrew members make new friends through online group chat and offline events such as brunches, nights out, career events, cinema trips and even holidays abroad. is a bookmark manager which allows people to work with the information behind the urls. Currently the information on webpages is not better than the one that can be found in books, newspapers or magazines. Both times it is totally impossible to work with unless it gets extracted manually. And that is exactly what changes. It extracts the information automatically and allows people to work with it. They can then sort and filter by any property, display it in a list view, grid or on a map, work together in real-time with others, refresh it with the push of a button and much more.

replex-logo-blackUnlike traditional technology and competitors in the DevOp space, replex delivers IT teams the ability to collect critical information on all Infrastructure assets, including physical servers, virtual machines, Docker containers and public cloud instances. Having one central information repository provides decision makers with visual insight into their entire IT infrastructure. We provide clients with a plugin-ready API for seamless integration whether they run replex as a cloud-based service or on-premises solution.

uptoseven-TMX World is an international cooking social network for foodies, where recipes are key and users “rock stars”-